Community Education

CAAFA provides domestic violence information sessions to community organizations, faith based groups and businesses by request. Topics offered include:

Domestic Violence 101

This presentation will address the dynamics of domestic violence, types of abuse, who experiences domestic violence, the signs of domestic violence, the impact on children, how you can help someone experiencing domestic violence, and services offered by CAAFA.

Sexual Assault 101

This presentation will address the dynamics of sexual assault, forms of sexual assault, who experiences sexual assault, the impact of sexual assault, victim-blaming that often occurs to re-victimize victims of sexual assault and how you can help someone who has been sexually assaulted, and services offered by CAAFA.

Teen Dating Violence 101

This presentation targets teen allies, like parents, teachers, and afterschool program staff. Teen Dating Violence 101 highlights the particular dynamics of abuse present in youth and teen relationships. This presentation offers discussion and practical tips for reaching out to youth who may be abused or abusive and for successfully connecting youth with local resources.

To schedule one of the presentations above or to request another topic contact Ray Villa, Executive Director:

CAAFA can provide awareness and prevention education for youth in a wide variety of education and social settings. Topics include: healthy relationships, interpersonal violence, conflict resolution, bullying, internet safety, managing emotions, and self-esteem.

Community presentations and education workshops can be modified to meet the specific needs of a classroom or community group.

For more information or to set up an appointment a presentation contact Dana Martinez.

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