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Community Education

CAAFA provides domestic violence information sessions to community organizations, faith based groups and businesses by request. Topics offered include:

Domestic Violence 101

This presentation will address the dynamics of domestic violence, types of abuse, who experiences domestic violence, the signs of domestic violence, the impact on children, how you can help someone experiencing domestic violence, and services offered by CAAFA.

Sexual Assault 101

This presentation will address the dynamics of sexual assault, forms of sexual assault, who experiences sexual assault, the impact of sexual assault, victim-blaming that often occurs to re-victimize victims of sexual assault and how you can help someone who has been sexually assaulted, and services offered by CAAFA.

Teen Dating Violence 101

This presentation targets teen allies, like parents, teachers, and afterschool program staff. Teen Dating Violence 101 highlights the particular dynamics of abuse present in youth and teen relationships. This presentation offers discussion and practical tips for reaching out to youth who may be abused or abusive and for successfully connecting youth with local resources.

“Yes Means Yes”: Sexual Assault Prevention for Youth

This presentation targets teen allies, like parents, teachers, and afterschool program staff. “Yes Means Yes” is a spin-off of the older “No Means No” consent training, to focus not on a partner’s “no” to not engage in any form of intimate behavior, but on a partner’s “yes” to engage in any intimate behavior. This presentation encourages open discussion between partners and between adults and youth, where mutual respect is promoted and the bar for consent is set much higher.

Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault and the Law 101

This presentation covers Arizona’s criminal domestic violence and sexual assault statutes and what you need to know about Orders of Protection, why victims of domestic and sexual violence may or may not choose to pursue a criminal case and what safety precautions victims may want to consider based on their circumstances.

The Impact of Domestic Violence on Children

This presentation will explore how children are affected when domestic violence occurs in their home, how to identify behaviors in children that may indicate domestic violence at home, and how to assist when children have experienced domestic violence.

Sexual Assault and Trauma

This presentation explores the specific emotional trauma faced by victims of sexual assault. Assault-based trauma can have far-reaching emotional affects. This presentation will help identify behaviors of both children and adults that may indicate sexual assault, will help explain why many adults may not deal with sexual assault trauma until many years after experiencing a sexual assault, and will help both victims and allies seek assistance and resources in healing from sexual assault-based trauma.

Cut It Out

Cut It Out is a program of the Salons Against Domestic Abuse Fund dedicated to mobilizing salon professionals and others to fight the epidemic of domestic abuse in communities across the United States. Cut It Out builds awareness of domestic abuse and trains salon professionals to recognize warning signs, respond with compassion, and safely refer clients to local resources.

Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault for Professionals

Information on domestic violence and sexual assault tailored to your profession. CAAFA staff are prepared to provide targeted information to medical professionals, first responders, child care providers, child welfare workers, home visitors, and law enforcement.

Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault and Faith Communities

This presentation covers what domestic violence and sexual assault are, why faith communities should address both, how to respond to the victim, and how to respond when the person who is abusive is a member of the congregation.

To schedule one of the presentations above or to request another topic contact Ray Villa, Executive Director:

CAAFA can provide awareness and prevention education for youth in a wide variety of education and social settings. Topics include: healthy relationships, interpersonal violence, conflict resolution, bullying, internet safety, managing emotions, and self-esteem.

Community presentations and education workshops can be modified to meet the specific needs of a classroom or community group.

For more information or to set up an appointment a presentation contact Ray Villa, Executive Director.

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